Wasabi – Ultimate Personal File Manager nulled script code free download

Wasabi – Ultimate Personal File Manager nulled script free download

Wasabi - Ultimate Personal File Manager - 1


Wasabi File Manager allows you to fully control all your Wasabi Buckets
and folders and files inside those buckets. There is no need to access your Wasabi account each time to manage your files. Wasabi File Manager also allows you to interact with various media and image files and share it accordingly via email with public or private signed links with specified custom valid time.

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is an enterprise-class and tier-free bit-bucket storage provider that’s compatible with and comparable to Amazon’s S3 business cloud storage solution. With a price of $5.99 per terabyte (TB) per month (based on $.0059 gigabyte or GB per month) and with server farms in 6 regions, Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage has a minimum monthly charge associated with 1 TB of storage ($5.99 per month). If you store less than 1 TB of active storage in your account, then your total charge will still be $5.99 per month.

Clearly designed to compete with Amazon’s popular S3 cloud storage solution for enterprise users, Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage’s lower cost (80 percent cheaper) and no additional charges for ingress or egress and application programming interface (API) requests make it an attractive option for small to midsize businesses (SMBs).

Online Demo:

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Features of Wasabi Personal File Manager:

  1. Create/Delete/Empty/Configure Wasabi Buckets
  2. Create/Delete Folders in Buckets
  3. Manage All Files in Folders and Buckets
  4. Fast and Parallel Uploading to a Wasabi Bucket
  5. Direct Upload from your Browser to a Wasabi Bucket
  6. Native Multiple Parallel Uploads with custom File Chunks
  7. All Uploads with Native Multipart Feature
  8. View Images for most common image extensions
  9. Integrated Audio Player for most common audio extensions
  10. Integrated Video Player for most common video extensions
  11. Send Private Signed Download links via Email
  12. Set Custom Expiration Time for Private Signed URLs
  13. Create Direct File Link Download
  14. Server Side AES-256 Encryption
  15. Progress Bar to track all File Upload Progresses
  16. Wasabi Data Metric Analytics
  17. Potentially Unlimited Storage Space
  18. Fully Responsive Design
  19. Quick and Quality Support
  20. Detailed…

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