TitleMethod Statement for Application of Waterproofing Membrane

The inspiration driving the method clarification for waterproofing is to thwart the water to saturate or enter any significant underground people. Precisely when the water penetrates the sub-level cement-like foundation like mat foundation, equilibrium, beam, etc., the steel support embedded in the powerful would devour due to a compound reaction achieved by water, and the development would eventually miss the mark.

The use of waterproofing, especially for colossal developments, should be directed entirely by a quality creator to hinder frustration of utilization or dissention to the quality framework.

In this procedure clarification for utilization of waterproofing film, we’ll be going to use the layer type waterproofing; this sort of waterproofing is reasonable for structures like raised constructions with a more significant foundation where water pressure is staggeringly high.

Here is the methodology announcement for the usage of a waterproofing film.

TitleMethod Statement for Application of Waterproofing Membrane

Reason and augmentation

The justification for this technical explanation is to depict the activities and strategies for the genuine use of the waterproofing layer in our endeavor. Drawing and undertaking points of interest will finish work.

Work framework

Work arranging and utilization of foundation:

Any undulations or lumps on a superficial level would be killed to get a smooth surface. The surface should be thoroughly cleaned and freed from dust, soil-free materials, oil, or oil.

50x50mm size filet made of substantial sand (1:3) mix would be set close by corners of dividers or neck sections and some different convergences.


For level waterproofing film application. Two layers of 4mm thick adjusted bituminous film will be laid consumed on blinding concrete with essentially 100m end laps and 150mm side laps.

The blinding surface will be ready with the primer proposed by the layer producer preceding setting the film. Before succeeding works, the applied fundamental will be researched by the Engineer 24 hours after the circumstance.

Waterproofing film foundation will be performed using chamber dealt with propane gaslight, scoop to seal the wrinkles of the layer, and sharp edge for cutting.

The movie is then situated in the right consuming position then removed for about part of its length without altering its course.

The film is then unrolled again and consumed on crushing the condensed area against the substrate.

Repeat till the entire length of the layer is sustained unflinchingly onto the surface, then the resulting film is laid comparatively with a get over of 150mm at the end and 100mm along the edge.

An extra length of essentially 300mm of the level film will be given to pass on up the vertical surface to stay aware of the layer’s movement and begotten as above.

Two layers of 4mm thick changed bituminous waterproofing film will be applied to all vertical surfaces of joined shoring or blockwork divider for vertical application.

Preceding applying the waterproofing layer, large surfaces will be ready with the foundation proposed by the filmmaker anyway. The Engineer should examine it 24 hours after the circumstance.

The extra 300 mm of the level film left will be turned up and wrapped onto the vertical arranged surfaces. The cognizance of the film will stay aware of by least laps of 150mm.

The layer on the uncovered external vertical surfaces will be passed on up to no less than 150 mm over the finished ground level (for instance, walkway, railing, etc.) and got into a perpetual despondency obliged something the same and got decidedly with embraced sealant/mastic proposed by the maker of the layer.

The layer fixed on the gathered or many dividers will be safeguarded from any mischief due to rebar fixing, formworks, establishing the barge, holding partition works with embraced type protection board fixed to the film.

All spaces of the film uncovered over the ground will be gotten with appropriate blasting.

A survey would be submitted for the support of the Engineer.

Before fixing steel support for the foundation, the film will be covered by one layer of polythene sheet and poured with a 50 mm thick layer of substantial sand outburst.


All works will adjust to the security approach or rules set out in the endeavor prosperity plan and region rules and rules—all prosperity ideas as admonished by the supported sub-project laborer.

Fundamental PPE to be worn by all staff or laborers.

Give lighting when working around evening time.

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