PUBG which has sold over 25 million copies on PC in 2021

PUBG which has sold over 25 million copies on PC in 2021

PUBG, which has sold over 25 million copies on PC and holds the record for most concurrent players on Steam ever, had plenty of announcements around its 2018 roadmap. This included some prestigious awards at the Game Developers Choice Awards and new anti-cheat measures, among many more details. However, for those just looking for a PUBG sequel, you’re going to have to wait a bit longer. A PUBG 2 is expected to arrive by 2022 for PC, consoles, and smartphones. The announcement came from PUBG Corp.’s CEO Chang Han Kim at a keynote presentation preceding Games com 2018, a massive video games-focused convention held annually in Cologne, Germany. PUBG 2 is the next evolution of PUBG, one of the best Battle Royale games today. The creator of this game decided to create a new version, and it will take him two years to develop PUGB2. The new version from the previous one added numerous stuff that could be useful for its fans.

PUBG 2 release date

PUBG 2 rumors are everywhere. The release date is very much in question, but the hunt for the new game makes people interested in the old one even more. So PUBG is still very popular, which can only mean good things for us gamers. The release date of PUBG 2 has not been officially announced yet. PUBG has taken over the gaming world. With its realism and gigantic battles, gamers from around the globe have fallen in love with it. But frequently, the question is asked Where is the PUBG 2 release date? What will be the release date of PUBG 2? The PUBG Player Unknown Battle Grounds 2 release date is soon. We’ve done all the research for you. Our prediction for the PUBG 2 release date is late 2022, but it depends on how fast Bluehole improves Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds after launching the official game.

What will be PUBG 2 map this time

The PUBG 2 map is full of features, settings, and system changes–all designed to make it the best possible game possible. PUBG 2 map is inspired by the community, with multiple game modes available in this version of PUBG. The PUBG Corporation has been busy expanding the maps for Battlegrounds 2 to include many geographical areas. We are excited to work alongside you to improve our game and base our new projects on your feedback. To keep PUBG 2 as lightweight as possible, they have reduced the number of textures. The new map will contain a map named ‘Savage’ along with some other factors. The battlegrounds are expanding to Sanhok. Sanhok is the most miniature PUBG map yet, the size being 4x4km instead of 8x8km of 4x8km. According to the current reports, the goal of this update is to test large parts of Miramar. This means that not only the areas used during the first test will be available for players, but there will also be new areas released.

PUBG 2 gameplay

Talking about PUBG 2 gameplay, it comes with many new features and improvements to satisfy all the players. Added with plenty of exciting features and upgrades, PUBG 2 is set to give the most fun-filled experience to its fans. The ongoing version is highly likely to be replaced by this new release. Almost everyone would like to know about PUBG 2 gameplay and how it will be different from others. PUBG 2 game has lots of improvements like a giant map, new weapons, new game modes, ranked matches, and more. The Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds 2 gameplay will feature a new desert-themed location, a new 8×8 km map, a new weapon, and ranked matches. The world’s most popular battle royale game just got bigger. The PUBG 2 gameplay is packed with an even more realistic experience and new content that means you’ll never get bored.

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