Pcrm – Flutter Project Management And Crm App Template nulled script code free download

Pcrm – Flutter Project Management And Crm App Template nulled script free download

What is a flutter?

Flutter is a development tool from Google, which was first created for the development of Android and iOS applications, and now has the ability to create any type of application on any platform. You can create mobile, web and desktop outputs from this source. Flutter is based on the Dart programming language and is currently evolving rapidly.

Who uses this template?

If you are an application developer and you like to save your time.

If you are a webmaster and you decide to connect your system to the application, then just send this file to the developer and save time and money.




How to use the template

First, download the flutter depending on your operating system.

Download an Ide like Android Studio or Visual Studio Code.

Open the download project folder by the downloaded application.

Enter the phrase flutter pub get through the terminal to download the required dependencies.

A basic knowledge of Flutter and Dart.


How to add or change languages

To add a language first in the path

“ assets / translation “

Create a language file with a two-letter language code name.

Then open the file and enter the expressions along with the translation as a json object. You can get a template from the “ en.json “ file.

Put the phrase inside the “ tr “ function on each page you need to translate.

Then change the default language in the “ main.dart “ file.

Note that selecting languages such as Arabic will automatically change the page address.


How to change fonts

As you can see, our default font is Roboto, but you can easily change the font. To do this, just change the “ RobotoText “ component and select the font you want. Simply change the font of all pages and sections. You can choose from all the free Google fonts.



  • Development based on the latest version of Flutter 2.8+
  • Support 60+ display frames
  • null-safety
  • Support Android, Ios and Web versions
  • Support for 87 world languages…

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