Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad

Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad

Kelly Technologies Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad is an intensive 70+ hours program with practical and experiential learning, covering 22 modules taught by the best industry trainers. The program provides hands-on exposure to 100+ Industry Must-Know tools. The program will assist you in developing and enhancing your digital marketing skills and knowledge through theory and practice and prepare you to face the challenges of the Digital marketing job industry.

Demand for Digital Marketing People

Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad is indeed in colossal demand but has yet to become mainstream. This has caused a massive gap of skilled experts who can enter the workforce right away. This has left companies looking for solutions, and that’s where Kelly’s program comes in. We have built our program from the ground up to give you the most effective training to get you into the digital marketing field. We give you professional-level training to get you prepared for your career from the start. This includes job placement assistance to help with your job hunt. So if you want to be a part of the digital marketing world, check out our program to start your career off right.

Our Training Approach

The Kelly Marketing Institute prides itself in creating a unique learning experience by combining high-quality training with an immersive, hands-on environment. As a result of the latest digital marketing techniques, our curriculum is built around a live, working website designed to emphasize interaction, collaboration, and individual effort. Our marketing experts have teamed up to create a Digital marketing training program with placement assistance unlike any other in the industry, including a total ad budget that allows for an ad rotation during the duration of the program.

Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad will make you a master of digital marketing strategy, social media marketing, Google PPC Ads, SEO, SMM, YouTube, email marketing, and Google Analytics. You’ll learn all bases of the art with 20+ real-world projects. Learn regarding Google analytics and web tagging from the ground up to make the right decisions for your business growth hands-on. Enroll for Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad to become a Google Certified Digital Marketer!

Digital Marketing Course Training Overview at Kelly Technologies

This comprehensive course will teach you at our digital marketing training institute in Hyderabad how to create your own optimized Google Ads PPC campaign to drive more traffic to your landing page and increase sales with sample project work. You will learn about all of the essential aspects of PPC advertising, including search networks, display networks, and analytics. We have created a great-looking sales page that is very well converting for this course offering, so If you are keen on learning what’s it all about affiliate marketing online & classroom digital marketing training, then learning AdWords is a must for anyone interested in commercializing their products or service or building profitable dropshipping store like amazon.

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