DesignoQuiz – Full Application iOS Android Web nulled script code free download

DesignoQuiz – Full Application iOS Android Web nulled script free download

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Download & Preview Live App

You can try the app for free using live data via Android APK or iOS test flight! Simply download the file(s) and run it on your desired device or emulator.

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DesignoQuiz - Full Application iOS Android Web - 2

DesignoQuiz - Full Application iOS Android Web - 3
DesignoQuiz - Full Application iOS Android Web - 4

Designo Learn Mobile Application

Publish your own quizzes and lessons with a complete front-end, back-end and admin panel,

a full-stack solution to a gamified way of learning. Users can participate in fun

quizzes and questionnaires, as well as be rewarded for correct answers, track their

progress, advance through the levels and more! Also works very well for businesses

to help train employees meanwhile being enjoyable!

What You Get

– React Native front-end (deployable to all web, iOS, android)

– Node.js back-end with PostgreSQL database

– React admin dashboard (Single-page application)

All of the code has been streamlined and is built with Javascript only! One language for the entire full-stack application! That is very impressive in today’s day and age.

Why React Native?

We chose React Native because first of all it’s developed and supported by Facebook, and is moreover used by them in their biggest products. Furthermore react native is built on top of JSX/Javascript which means we don’t have to use extra languages and avoid more headaches with switching things up. And lastly we want one codebase for every deployment type – so we have one source code and 3 different (major) channels including; Web, Android, iOS. The only thing we have done is distinguish some designs for each of those, so because Android has a different status bar to iOS, we’ve opted to have conditional styling so both operating systems look and function well with the app.

Why Node js, express, postgres (PERN stack)?

We’ve chosen node and express as the back-end due to it’s powerful middleware design, allowing us to dissect and organise routes as well as add middleware (conditional too!) to have powerful functionality, as well as being minimal by design. Postgres is also a good choice for this application because of its performance and capabilities. Express…

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Note: You can download nulled script free without updates [ Guaranty No Virus ].


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